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Re: GCTour

Beitrag von andrixnet »

How can we update the cache type icons in GC_Tour to the new icons?
AFAIK the new icons are "symbols" in a single SVG file and the website proper uses this trick to select the image:

<svg class="icon cache-icon" role="presentation">
<use xlink:href="/app/ui-icons/sprites/cache-types.svg#icon-2">
Die Batzen
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Re: GCTour

Beitrag von Die Batzen »

Hi andrixnet,

it would surely be doable.
Question is what the benefit would be in comparison to the work to be done.

Unfortunately it's not simply replacing addresses in image links, there's more to it.
Moreover, the GCTour server would require these icon updates, too. Thus, we would have to touch two different code bases.

All in all quite some work to be done just for updating the icons (which still work perfectly fine).
Long story short, I would rather not implement that.

Thanks for understanding.

Best regards,