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Ingress’ John Hanke & Flint Dille - Designing Living Fiction

Neuartige Energie für die Erleuchteten oder den Widerstand?

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Ingress’ John Hanke & Flint Dille - Designing Living Fiction

Beitrag von moenk » Di 28. Okt 2014, 12:08

"Spiel" oder "Geschichten erzählen"?
John Hanke and writer Flint Dille will focus more deeply on the storytelling aspect and reveal more about how the Ingress platform has enabled and Niantic has designed a new way to approach narrative and developing a living story/universe. The storytellers will show the complex and ongoing writing that surrounds the players through comic books, videos, and other information being delivered by the game and web. They will demonstrate how the players take a part in forming the reality and pushing the story forward, through special in-universe media like Ingress Report that uses real player events to report on the in-game story, or YouTube programming like Ingress Obsessed that intersects with the game, and even ways real world brands can become a part of real world gaming. In a sector where deep storytelling is considered cut scenes, rendering capability and dialogue trees, Niantic will offer a fresh perspective on narrative. A local player event in London will be designed to demonstrate how players interact with the storyline and change it, by playing in the real world and how the news gets fed back to the larger game community.
http://youtu.be/c8YTDEJyfs0?list=PLDEUW ... ThdF9KDVt9
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