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Garmin 1903 maps

Kostenlose Karten für Garmin und Android auf OSM-Basis

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Garmin 1903 maps

Beitrag von Plato » So 10. Mär 2019, 09:03

I tested the new Garmin 1903 maps both in Mapsource and on my Oregon 700. The maps themselves look great but my eye quickly fell on a large number of shopping cart-icons in cities and villages. After some examination of map tiles and the typ file it appears there are some new POI types in the 1903 maps (1812 maps didn't have them) that aren't present inside the typ file yet. In this case Mapsource and the Oregon 700 will show their own icons and because they are rather large they are cluttering the map. Since I always use my own typ files I could solve this problem easily.

These are the new POI (maybe there are more to be found):

Type=0x02e SubType=0x10 (Giftshop)
Type=0x02e SubType=0x11 (Music store)
Type=0x02e SubType=0x12 (Sports shop)
Type=0x02e SubType=0x13 (Liquor store)
Type=0x02e SubType=0x14 (Book store)
Type=0x02e SubType=0x0f (Florist)

The draworder of some polygons are wrong and as a result they are not showing up on the map:

Type=0x12 (Quarry) has Draworder 4
Type=0x17 (Meadow) has Draworder 6
A Quarry that's situated in an area with Meadows is invisible.

Type=0x10 (Camping) has Draworder 4
Type=0x02 (Residential Area) has Draworder 4
A Camping that's situated in a Residential area is sometimes invisible.

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Re: Garmin 1903 maps

Beitrag von keenonkites » So 10. Mär 2019, 15:39

Hi Plato,

thanks for the feedback.

Regarding POI:
clearly a fault from my end: too much copy paste. Didn't adapt them back to normal display. Sorry.
Fixed already for future releases.

I'll have to dig deeper to see what is the best option to resolve this. But I can already say too things:
  • nothing has changed regarding Draworder since January 2017, this is, as far as I can see, not something introduced with the latest update
  • We have to be careful there as changing draworder for fixing one thing can have negative influences on other combinations
Anyway: thanks again and I'll try to sort out the draworder too.


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Re: Garmin 1903 maps

Beitrag von RainerSurfer » Fr 15. Mär 2019, 08:59

Das heißt, man kann die aktuelle Karten gleich vergessen? Wenn erst zur nächsten Version geändert wird?
Es wurde schon alles gesagt, nur noch nicht von jedem.“ (Karl Valentin)