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Oregon 7xx Beta software version 2.62

Über die wohl beliebtesten GPS-Empfänger zur Zeit.

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Oregon 7xx Beta software version 2.62

Beitrag von RainerSurfer » Fr 28. Okt 2016, 07:19

Für Cacher sind ein paar bemängelte Punkte gelöst. Jetzt ist das erst eine vernünftige Live-Funktion, wenn es auch fehlerfrei läuft.

http://www.garmin.com/support/download_ ... p?id=11083


- This release is intended to support Connect IQ developers to begin creating apps, widgets, and data fields for Oregon 7xx using the new features introduced in Connect IQ 2.2.
- New feature: Intents. This release adds Connect IQ app intents. Intents can be used to launch and pass data to other apps and widgets.
- New feature: Persisted Content. Connect IQ developers now have access to Tracks, Routes, and Waypoints stored on the device, and have the ability to launch any of these files via an intent from their app.
- New feature: Downloadable Content. Connect IQ developers now have the ability to download Tracks, Routes, and Waypoints from the web and add them to the device from their app.
- For any issues that you encounter please email outdoor.beta@garmin.com. Please note that you may not get a response to the email unless we need more information on the issue you report.

Change History
Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.62:

Added support for Connect IQ Apps and Widgets
Added background download of geocache descriptions, hints, and logs for geocaching.com premium members
Improved Geocache Lists experience by adding bookmark lists as well as fixing some issues
Fixed possible issues using Connect IQ Data Fields
Fixed possible issue where calories were not recording with a heart rate monitor connected
Fixed possible shutdown while measuring distance on the map
Fixed fit file support for track logs with greater than 20,000 points
Fixed possible issue reconnecting to speed and cadence sensors after a power cycle
Fixed display issue after rotating on the notification page
Fixed issue where live geocaches would overwrite geocaches loaded via .gpx file
Fixed inconsistant data reporting for current tracks and saved tracks
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