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No details on maps

Verfasst: Sa 7. Jul 2018, 16:40
von danny.deroo

I have an Etrex 30 for a long time and needed to upload some maps for Spain.

Used the to download maps, also updated my firmware of the device as well as the Map Installer...
And since then, I have no more details on my Maps on the device.

I do see all maps in Basecamp and if I select one and zoom in on my laptop (Basecamp), see everything. On the eTrex 30 I see a couple of highways only. Tried to combine switching maps on/off on my device, downloaded even new maps from openstreetmap and still the same thing.
No error messages... Set my Garmin back to factory settings... still no luck.

I am sure it must me something stupid, anyway, any tip is welcome.

Re: No details on maps

Verfasst: Sa 7. Jul 2018, 17:12
von SamHenkel
Man kann auf dem Gerät auch ansehnliche Screenshots erstellen. Bitter erstelle mal einen Screenshot von deinen auf dem Gerät installierten Karten. Außerdem wäre es hilfreich einen Screenshot deines Garminordners, in welchem sich die Karten befinden, zu sehen.


Re: No details on maps

Verfasst: So 8. Jul 2018, 14:26
von danny.deroo
I could solve the problem in the meantime. Maps are too small on the device when copied with new MapInstaller. I copied the files manually straight to the SD Card and it works ;-)