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Allgemeiner Austausch zum Thema Geocaching.

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Beitrag von Havrix » Fr 25. Feb 2005, 01:23

OOOOOOOOOOOder, man findet jemand sehr Nettes, der das Ganze über SEINE KK laufen läßt ... vielen Dank nochmal!!
Ihc KAn nshcneller tippne alsein KOilbri mti dne Fügeln shaclgenk ann!

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Beitrag von ichel » Mo 28. Feb 2005, 22:17

Habe am 26. Februar 30 USD per PayPal contakt@groundspeak.com gesendet. Heute am 28. Februar bin ich nun Premium Member.
Ich finde das hat alles einwandfrei funktioniert.

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Beitrag von Espen » So 17. Jul 2005, 20:28

http://www.eypocard.ch scammer warning http://www.eypocard.ch bluff, beware!


I’m a very disappointed customer of eypocard and let me share with you my story before you place an order with them

In the end of February 1005 I looked for a new bank account to receive some of my extra income from the internet. One of my favourite pages was a swiss website for eypocard. They where not cheap but they looked professional and serious. Thinking that this was a swiss account I place an order for a company card with them and paid 290.00 Euro. The customer response was fast and professional. After I had paid for my order the customer service suddenly drops and I hardly get any replies to my emails anymore. One of my questions was if this really was indeed a company card. They never asked for my incorporation papers only for a copy of my passport. Actually they asked for my passport copy twice, for the rest it was quite. But since I really need a second bank account I also placed an order at a similar website, for a half the price. This account was up running in less then 1,5 month and is working great. Since I don’t want anyone to think this text is written by a competitor to eypocard I will not give you the link.

After a long time something arrives in the mail. A VISA card for me in person, not at all a company card. Future more this card id issued by Paritate bank in Latvia. So now I have a card and account in a EU country anyway!

If you are looking for a bank account outside of EU with higher standards of privacy this IS NOT the card for you. And if you want a account in Latvia why don’t you open the account yourself and save time and money at: http://www.paritate.lv

It is a problem for me that this is not at all a company card, and also I paid more to get one. No answers to my question, mailed several times.

Anyway, if I already pissed away 290.00 on a personal card in a EU-bank I better activate the card, so I pay the next 100.00 euro for this as well. Fill in some forms and off we go.

Next? Nothing… They ask me AGAIN for the copy of my passport, that I sent 2 times already! So far this seems to be their standard email response, please send us a copy of your passport. But how many times?

We are now in July and I asked for a refund of my order. I already have another non-EU account up running in the name of my cooperation. After such a bad customer service I don’t rust them with my money any more. With that said of course this account is useless. Since Latvia joined the EU no one wish to have an account there anymore. Unless they get fooled to open one by websites like eypocard.ch

When I asked for my refund I suggested they could charge me an issuing fee for the worthless piece of plastic with my name printed on it. Fair enough I think, I wonder what they think. From that day I mention “refund” I never heard from eypocard again. Not what you would expect from a serious company? None of my emails was ever answered.

Eypocard is slow to deal with, they are expensive, and their product is not useful. If you want their card order it yourself at http://www.paritate.lv instead. But really, if you want a bank account with VISA card there are so much better options out there then Latvia. Just the fact that eypocard has a swiss domain .ch is be cause they try to trick you into thinking that you are paying for a good swiss account in the first place. Stay away from these people. So far I paid almost 400.00 euro for nothing, more then enough for 2 excellent bank accounts elsewhere.

Now you have been warned.

E. Saether



Beitrag von tandt » So 17. Jul 2005, 20:42

Espen hat geschrieben:...Many wasted words later...
Ne klar, keine Werbung... Außer daß der Typ mehrfach eine *.lv Adresse anpreist unter der das Produkt doch angeblich viel besser ist...


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Beitrag von moenk » So 17. Jul 2005, 20:51

Kann man auch stehen lassen, spricht doch für sich wenn einer mit so einem Posting mal hier ins Forum fällt.
Suchst Du noch oder loggst Du schon?

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Beitrag von laogai » So 17. Jul 2005, 21:25

moenk hat geschrieben:Kann man auch stehen lassen, spricht doch für sich wenn einer mit so einem Posting mal hier ins Forum fällt.
Ich kenne den Typ! Er heißt in Wirklichkeit S. P. Ammer und treibt seit rund tausend Jahren sein Unwesen in Internet-Foren:
Espen hat geschrieben:In the end of February 1005 I looked for a new bank account [...]
"Die Diskussion hatten wir glaub schon ... und es kam raus, dass am Ende immer ein Mensch sitzt der sich die Sache nochmals ankuckt"