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Geocaching event in northern Norway

Allgemeiner Austausch zum Thema Geocaching.

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Geocaching event in northern Norway

Beitrag von blazius » Do 16. Jun 2005, 09:28

I am sorry if this is off-topic for this forum, but it seems like lots of German-speaking geocachers visit the northern regions of Norway, so I guess that this might be interesting for some of you:

The first geocaching event in northern Norway will be on August 13th, 2005 at Guvåg in the Vesterålen islands (just north of the Lofoten islands). The event's listing at geocaching.com is mostly in Norwegian, but foreigners are welcome as well. Please contact the event organizers if you'd like an English translation of the event info.

If you wish to attend, please post a "Will attend" message to the event log, stating if you can read Norwegian or not. The event multicache will be translated to English only if we know that someone who does not understand Norwegian will be at the event.

Best regards,
blazius of Norway