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Caching whole year, everywhere

Verfasst: Di 10. Jan 2006, 08:58
von OttoLund
In wintertime there is a problem some places, snow and ice.
I've decided to place more wholeyearcaches. I've placed two in trees the last month. The cachers go skiing when they find them.

Is this a problem elsewhere in Europe and what do you do about it?

Otto, Norway

Verfasst: Di 10. Jan 2006, 10:27
von Zai-Ba
Placing underground caches :P

keep caching, Zai-Ba

Verfasst: Di 10. Jan 2006, 10:39
von smo
Yes, this iis a problem too here. Many of the stashes lie below the roots of a tree or at similar locationes. But this is'nt the real problem. The true annoyance are false cache specifications and the lack of the "unavailable in winter" attribute and empty hints, if there is a hint like "back to the roots", nobody needs the icon and vice versa, nobody needs the hint if there is the icon to belive the cache is unavailable during snow period. In my opinion, this is a a deliberate misrepresentation, because there is no cache to find.

I've placed my caches in the opinion that they can be found the whole year, except there are extraordinary heights of snow which is includet in the description.


Verfasst: Di 10. Jan 2006, 17:54
von radioscout
So cachers have dreated bookmark lists with caches that can be found during winter time. I will post a link to the lists if I find one.