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Tranquility Geocoins for sale... and more.

Numismatik für Geocacher.

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Team CRL_2351
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Tranquility Geocoins for sale... and more.

Beitrag von Team CRL_2351 » Fr 28. Dez 2018, 15:52

I am a portuguese geocacher who once loved geocoins and finding hidden treasures.
Unfortunately, life changes and time has to be used in other activities so Geocaching has stopped some time ago and it is time to start selling some of the geocoins in my collection.

I am now selling the Tranquility Geocoins I have, as listed below. These coins are new and unactivated.
I am opened to negotiate some of the prices, especially for purchases of more than one geocoin.

TranquilityGeocoins_II.jpg (148.75 KiB) 4811 mal betrachtet
Also, I am opened to receiving proposals for my activated geocoins, which you can see in my Geocaching profile (Team CRL_2351)

Thank you and happy treasure hunting!