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Nightclub Claudia


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timestamp2012-06-29 10:09:42
nameNightclub Claudia

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  • 96441262@N03 A call to mom
  • 114072405@N04 477.013, Krásná Lípa
  • 41316557@N04 This lovely beehive from wood I found in Ebersbach. . It looks funny and is a secure home for the bees. . I like the Oberlausitz (Upperlusatia) and the ideas of the people who live there. . . . .
  • 41316557@N04 This sheep show us his tounge. . The fresh green weed is yummy. . . . .
  • 41316557@N04 An old ferry lamp in the Rumburk Monastery. . I took this photo three weeks ago. . I wish you a good sunday evening. . . . .
  • 41316557@N04 This Railroad Crossing I found these days near Rumburk in Czechia. . Have a good start in the new week. . . . .
  • 41316557@N04 Because, I like this playground very much, one photo more of it. . If I see the playgrounds made in Einsiedel, Oberlausitz (Upperlusatia), I become a Children ones more. :-) . I love the Oberlausitz.
  • 41316557@N04 Another photo from the wonderful playground in Ebersbach on the mountain Hainberg. . This colored playground from wood was made in Einsiedel, Oberlausitz (Upperlusatia). . I like the products from Einsiedel and children too. . . . .
  • 41316557@N04 This old house, was the last one. . The last one in Germany. . In Ebersbach, Saxony. . Shortly before the open german - czechian Border. . Ver impressive in my mind. . . . .
  • 41316557@N04 This beautiful door latchh I found in the Loretta Chapell and Capuchin Monastery in Rumburk (Bohemia, Czechia). . In the next days I will you show more photos from this lovely place. . . . .