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The George


Map Edit: 4030104117Highscore: Ger Walsh

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timestamp2018-02-03 22:43:50
nameThe George

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  • 108376497@N06 Hurler Brickheadz
  • 148941460@N05 Bus √Čireann Wright Volvo Gemini 3 B5TL VWD52 (152-L-1773) operating on Limerick City Route 304 at the junction of South Circular Road and Ballinacurra Road on Saturday morning, 18th August, 2018. It is expected that this bus will remain in Limerick follo
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  • 148941460@N05 Bus √Čireann Wright Volvo Eclipse B7RLE VWL182 (08-L-626) operating on a well-loaded run on Route 306 at Hassett's Cross, Limerick on Wednesday Afternoon, 15th August, 2018. It is expected that this bus will be displaced to Cork very soon when 12 new Gemi
  • 148941460@N05 VWL177 R304A RP Weds 20180815_132146
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