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timestamp2018-08-01 11:05:35

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  • 142053928@N07 IMG_0016
  • 11493854@N07 Girl Looking at Mobile Phone
  • 11493854@N07 Buildings by the River
  • 152268162@N06 Tomorrow the river and the white steamship will lose its luster and the autumn luster from the world will fall.
  • 152268162@N06 Another fog froze among the trees, but the sun is already hurrying the autumn day.
  • 152268162@N06 There is a very strange pond in the park - there is no dam, there is no drain.
  • 57789873@N06 20180513_110308
  • 152268162@N06 On October 11, 2018, the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople approved the historic decision to abolish the synodal letter of 1686, after which the Kievan Metropolitanate fell under the jurisdiction of Moscow.
  • 142053928@N07 20181009_104230
  • 46937886@N00 La Mère-Patrie