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Smoking Willy Barbecue Restaurant


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timestamp2017-11-07 07:05:30
nameSmoking Willy Barbecue Restaurant

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  • 14966804@N03 I ask Madeleine to look sad and this is the cute face she made
  • 14966804@N03 Madeleine has gotten very good at her “kick bike”
  • 14966804@N03 Sawyer with tiny LEGO rocket at dinner last night
  • 14966804@N03 Madeleine with her matter-of-fact face at dinner last night
  • 14966804@N03 The twins plays happily together at our country club this evening
  • 14966804@N03 Madeleine comes out of the house in the snow to get in the truck to go to Amber’s house for the Super Bowl
  • 14966804@N03 The twins play in the snow that fell last night
  • 14966804@N03 Sawyer plays with daddy’s robot arm
  • 14966804@N03 The twins play in Madeleine’s bed this weekend
  • 14966804@N03 Madeleine sets up a sleeping bag camp by the front door and plays happily for a long time